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Booyco's railway HVAC (cooling, heating, ventilation and filtration) systems can be found in a diverse variety of railways applications including locomotives. In total, more than 1,900 units have been manufactured to date.

All railway HVAC control units are performance tested and certified to ensure compliance with the relevant specifications and procedures according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Railway Cab Air conditioners

The Class 38 locomotive was the first railway driver's cab to be fitted with a Booyco air conditioner with combined heating. The system used in this diesel-electric locomotive is installed behind the driver's cab, with air discharged via ceiling ducting and footwell outlets.

The Booyco driver's cab air-conditioning system in the 14E locomotive is a packaged / integrated roof-mounted design. A separate cab heater, installed in the driver's console, provides heating.
The Class 34 locomotive's air-conditioning system was designed for retrofit to an existing fleet of diesel / electric locomotives. It is a roof-mounted, integrated, 74VDC-powered unit.

The heavy-haul 9E electric locomotives used on the Sishen-Saldanha iron ore line are fitted with 380V, three-phase Booyco air-conditioning systems. The air conditioning units, which also provide heating, are roof-mounted.

The 8M EMU suburban commuter trains have air conditioned and pressure-ventilated driver's cabs. These Booyco units are ceiling-mounted with a compressor module under the frame. A project for a Malaysian tourist train includes a modular saloon and compartment roof-mounted air conditioners.

The upgrade to 5M2A commuter coaches included roof-mounted forced-draught Booyco ventilation and filtration units, Booyco cab-heating units and traction-motor blower units.

A new generation of Booyco ventilation products, all designed for 110VDC power supply and using brushless motors, were produced for the 10M upgrade project. These include two types of traction-motor ventilation systems, scavenge fans for filtration of cooling air to the 'chopper' unit, saloon ventilation units and cab heaters.

Packaged high-capacity 220V, three-phase, 60Hz Booyco units were designed for one end of a mainline passenger coach operating in Cuba. The 8E locomotive driver's cab air conditioner, a 380V, three-phase unit, was designed as a retrofit for a fleet of in-service shunter locomotives.

A low-cost packaged air-conditioning unit was specially adapted for the 18E locomotive. It is a 220V, single-phase, 50Hz powered unit.

Booyco's systems for the 19E and 15E locomotives are the highest-capacity units ever designed by the company for a railway locomotive driver's cab, with the lowest-ever noise levels. The unit slides out on a roller mechanism which facilitates maintenance access and supports Transnet's fit-on, fit-off maintenance philosophy.

The Booyco split system, supplied for the 7E1 locomotive retrofit programme, is ideal for space constraints. The compressor / condenser module, installed on the locomotive's side, is mounted on a robust roller system that facilitates installation and removal to give access to equipment mounted behind the compressor / condenser module.

Finally, the Booyco air conditioner for the Class 39-200, a split system, employs a mechanically driven compressor. The condenser is mounted in the machine compartment and the evaporator in the driver's cab. In addition, a free-standing DC-powered electric heater is supplied.

Below is a list of locomotive/rail HVAC projects undertaken by Booyco Engineering

Class 38 diesel/electric locomotive cab air conditioning 55
Class 14E electric locomotive cab air conditioning 21
8M EMU driver's cab air conditioning 54
5M2A coach saloon ventilation 128
Luxury train air conditioning (Malaysia) 38
Class 34 diesel locomotive cab air conditioner 6
Education train air conditioners and APU 4
9E electric locomotive cab air conditioning 13
10M EMU - cab heating / demisting 66
10M EMU - traction motor blower system 100
10M EMU - saloon ventilation 1041
10M EMU - filter scavenging units 60
Passenger coach air conditioning (Cuba) 30
8E locomotive cab air conditioning* 90
18E locomotive cab air conditioning 2
19E locomotive cab air conditioning & heating* 110
Class 40 locomotive cab air conditioning & heating 50
* 15 E  locomotives cab air conditioning and heating 38
* "Like New" locomotives air conditioning 300
* In process  

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