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Booyco Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a South African company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of custom made mobile air handling systems (HVAC) for special applications.

The company was established in 1985 and typical projects undertaken by Booyco are mobile HVAC systems (cooling, heating, ventilation and filtration systems) for use in extreme environmental and ambient conditions. Examples of our systems can be found on various wheeled vehicles (off-highway and on-highway), tracked vehicles, railways, aircraft, marine equipment and containers.

A range of standard HVAC products has been developed for use in the mining, construction, transport and quarrying sector. All products in the railway and military sectors are purpose made.

Processes within the company conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The company has been accredited to this standard by BVQi (to UKAS) since January 2001. All products are performance tested and certified to ensure compliance with the relevant specifications. Components used are selected to provide high levels of reliability under extremes of shock and vibration, dust burden, temperature and humidity.

In the early eighties, a need was identified for a mobile air handling system specialist to service the local military vehicle building industry. The Howden Group, which was long established in South Africa, had access to existing mobile HVAC technology in this field via one of their UK companies. This gave rise to the establishment of Booyco Engineering (Pty) Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary of Howden. Subsequently there was a management buyout, during the time of sanctions and the arms embargo against South Africa.

There was a steady transfer of HVAC technology from the UK company to Booyco in the early years and for many years now, we have been working independently of Howden.

One of the early successes was the G6 howitzer crew cooling system and auxiliary power unit (APU). Although specified at a rather low cooling capacity, the prototype design was done in the UK and the unit built in South Africa. Changes were made by ourselves for the pre-production model and the system was accepted for a production run of 55 units for the South African Defence Force.

Since then a vast array of mobile HVAC projects have been undertaken. Diversification into non-military sectors using the HVAC technology and experience gained in the military sector was a natural progression.

In order to serve the chosen market niche, the company is staffed with a large proportion of qualified personnel. Assembly, routine inspection and final testing are all carried out in house. Components used are selected to provide high levels of reliability under extremes of shock and vibration, dust burden, temperature, and humidity.